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    The McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy’s unique new website, serves as a gateway to international labour and work policy data. It is based on the largest and most extensive database of its kind, providing its visitors with free tools to measure, compare, and map labour policies in all of the world’s countries.

  • 32 Hours
    The web site of this Toronto based organization contains information about the potential benefits of reducing the work-week, the negative health consequences that can result from working long hours, information about the implementation of reduced work weeks in other (primarily European) countries, and policy suggestions to reduce working time in Canada.

  • The Canadian Labour Congress - Is work working for you?
    Quality of life is the number one issue. Statistics gathered by the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) show that working families in this country have seen their wages stagnate or diminish through the 1990s while the public services and social programs that help maintain their quality of life have been cut, privatized, deregulated or otherwise curtailed. The CLC marked Labour Day 2001 with the first of a series of initiatives designed to place the standard of living and quality of life of working Canadians at the centre of public policy making. is a website run by the CLC where you can answer a questionnaire that will help the CLC shape its actions aimed at raising the standard of living and improving the quality of life of all working people.

  • Economic Policy Institute (EPI)
    This Washington based think tank seeks to promote a more prosperous and fair economy by providing low and middle income people with the tools to better participate in economic debates, thus promoting policies that better reflect the public interest. Though the EPI’s work tends span a wide range of economic themes, they often focus on issues related to wages and incomes, non-standard and contingent work, high performance workplaces, and labour market problems by analyzing these, and other issues, through what they dub a "living standards lens."

  • European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
    The European Foundation carries out research to assist in the development of European Union policy dealing with working and living conditions. The Foundation’s work includes examining work environments such as the organization of work, the management of human resources, the physical and psychosocial work environment, work time, and employment in the knowledge based society.

  • The Graham Lowe Group
    The Graham Lowe Group Inc. (GLG) provides customized consulting, research and knowledge-transfer services designed to create high quality jobs and workplaces. A guiding principle behind the company’s activities is that the quality of work environments matters for employee well-being, organizational performance and sustainable economic prosperity.

  • Institute for Work and Health
    The Institute for Work & Health is an independent, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to conduct and share research with workers, labour, employers, clinicians and policy-makers to promote, protect and improve the health of working people.

  • International Labour Organization’s In Focus Programme On Skills, Knowledge And Employability (ILO)
    This branch of the International Labour Organization seeks to improve training policies and promote productive and decent work. The site contains many downloadable papers and case studies dealing with issues such as training, youth employment, disability, and the informal sector.

  • The Vanier Institute of the Family
    The Vanier Institute of the Family advocates on behalf of Canadian families. Some of their research deals with the negative outcomes of work-family conflict. The Institute also provides data illustrating the potential benefits to be had by employers and employees when better work-family balance is achieved. The site also contains general guidelines to assist managers who are interested in working towards a workplace that is family friendly.

  • The Work Foundation
    The Work Foundation is a U.K. based not-for-profit organisation, that brings all sides of working organisations together to find the best ways of improving both economic performance and quality of working life.