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Training and Skill Development


Given all the talk of a "new economy" or a "knowledge-based economy" that depends on worker’s talents, it is important to stand back and examine how well Canada is doing at giving workers opportunities to make use of existing skills and develop new ones. Canada has the most highly educated workforce in the world, based on post-secondary educational credentials, so it is important to know how effectively this education is being used in workplaces. Indeed, a significant number of Canadians say that their skills are not put to full use on the job. Other workers note that their job does not provide them with meaningful opportunities to further develop the skills they already possess, and some say that they do not receive adequate job-related training from their employer. In what jobs do employees most often feel they are inadequately trained? Which groups of workers are most likely to feel overqualified in their current job? What role does level of education play in appropriate skill use? How does skill use at work affect job satisfaction and employee retention?