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Work-Life Balance


For anyone in the labour force, overall quality of life depends largely on finding a healthy balance between their job and other aspects of their life. It should be cause for concern, then, that Canadians have found it increasingly difficult to balance their personal responsibilities with their job demands during the past decade. The ‘struggle to juggle’ is taking a toll on Canadian firms, families and workers. This toll is showing up as increased job stress, declining physical and mental health, increased absenteeism, declining job satisfaction, weakening employee commitment, lower workplace morale, and reduced satisfaction with family life.

These indicators examines work-life conflict and its impact on employers, families and individuals. This overview of work-life balance draws heavily upon a CPRN study, Work Life Balance in the New Millennium: Where Are We? Where Do We Need to Go?, by Professors Linda Duxbury, Carleton University, and Chris Higgins, University of Western Ontario. The authors compare results from two large surveys they conducted, one in 1990-2 (21,228 employees) and the other in 2000-1 (6,502 employees) in a diversity of organizations across all sectors of the economy.