About JobQuality.ca

The JobQuality.ca website is a project managed by Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN), an independent, non-profit research organization with charitable status based in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

JobQuality.ca was launched in September 2001 to provide comprehensive, public and user-friendly information on the quality of jobs in Canadian workplaces. The many charts, tables and analyses on this website provide users with an integrated and comprehensive approach to understanding what makes a good job and why it matters to people, firms, the economy and society.

JobQuality.ca is designed to be of use to a broad range of individuals, including:

  • Employers who will find new and useful information that is relevant to issues of recruitment, retention, and productivity.
  • Young people, teachers, guidance counselors, and job seekers who will learn what types of jobs and careers tend to be most rewarding and fulfilling.
  • Unions, professional associations and other employee organizations who will discover another source of information regarding working conditions and the types of workplace issues that workers say are important.
  • Policymakers who will find timely and relevant information to assist them in the analysis and development of effective labour market policies.
  • Researchers who will discover new conceptual and analytic tools to analyze and interpret labour market developments.

This site is updated as new information and data become available.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at jobquality@cprn.org.